About the Company

Luna for Cosmetic Industries is pioneer company specialized in production of dermal products for use in medical and cosmetic application. Since its establishment, the company has thrived to introduce a distinct collection of products in the Syrian market. These products are manufactured from natural guaranteed ingredients according to accepted specifications, which is reflected in maximal efficacy and minimal reactions and side effects.


We launched our products with Luna Panthenol, a dermal preparation which contains normal honey. The product proved an exceptional efficacy among doctors and nurses in healing burns, wounds, and chronic ulcers. The company afterwards worked toward increasing the number of its products, which range now from dermal whitening creams and soaps, to the different effective products for acne, to the anti-solar creams and hair health preparations. By 2011, Luna for Cosmetic Industries had reached 30 different products.


Quality was our main slogan since establishment. We endeavored to obtain the ingredients used in our products from reliable sources and to test its efficacy and quality. The company focused also on post-marketing process by leading a number of scientific studies in cooperation with a number of hospitals and infirmaries in different Syrian cities to prove the clinical efficacy of its products.


Luna for Cosmetic Industries could earn the trust of both patients and health care workers during the last few years, both in cosmetic and medical applications. It is enough to ask someone who used these products to know how effective they are. We invite you to have an expanded look on our company and products through this website. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question or inquiry.