Our Products

Luna Baby Cream

Treatment & prevention of nappy rash

(Cetramide, Benzalkonium, zinc oxide)




Luna Derm Cream

For eczima, irritation, and drieness

(Avocado oil, nigella oil, almond oil)




Luna Silocon Gel

Scar and keloid removal

(Allantoin, silicon)




Luna Panthenol

Regenerator for burns and wounds

(Natural honey, dexapanthenol, vitamin E)




Slimming Gel

For topical cellulite removal

(active hebal extracts)




Eye Zone Fade Cream

For eye zone black removal

(Kojic acid, vitamin E)




Luna Whitening Soap

For skin pigmentation and freckles

(Hypdroquinon granules)




Luna Whitening Cream

For skin pigmentation and freckles

(Arbotonin, Aloe extact)




Luna Vaseline Lotion

Skin softener

(Vaseline, paraffin, glycerin)




Luna Peel-Off Mask

For skin peeling and cleaning

(Natural cucumber)




Sulfer-Sal Soap

For acne removal

(precipitated sulphur)




Luna Peel Cream

For treatment of acne

(Glycolic acid, 4% and 15%)




Luna Callus Removal Cream

For foot fissures & callus

(chamomile, vit. E, Almond oil)




Luna Deodorant Cream

Long-lasting deodorant effect

(active herbal extracts)




Luna Anti-Solar Cream

For protection from sunlight

(Parsol, benzophenon)




Luna Collagen-C Cream

For prevention & treatment of wrinkles

(Collagen, glycolic acid, vitamin C)




Luna Hair Lotion

For treatment of hair loss

(Olive oil, henna, vitamin B5)




Luna Vit Shampoo

For normal and dry hair

(concentrated vitamin B5)




Luna Polis Shampoo

For greasy hair and dandruff

(concentrated propolis extract)




Hair-Loss Stop Shampoo

For stopping hair loss

(Natural honey with propolis)





Luna Alcogel

Sanitizer for hands

(ethyl and isopropyl alcohol, glycerin)