Luna Silicon Gel


Active ingredients:

- Demithicon.

- Allantoin.

- Special excipient.


Mechanism of action:

Luna silicon gel is a scar removal cream which affects the scar in the following ways:

- Reduces the infiltration of collagen fibers in the scar.

- Reduces the thickness of the scar.

- Reduces the pigmentation of the scar.

- Reduces the irritation symptoms of the scar.



Dermal scars in the acute of chronic phase of healing after burns, traumatic or surgical wounds, or complicated acne.



- Clean and dry the area of the scar.

- Apply a thin film of the cream on the scar.

- Start once daily in the first days then increase frequency to 2-3 times a day.

- Must be applied for 3 months at least to guarantee full efficacy.

- Do not apply on open wounds.